Our inventory changes every one hour and is sold on a first come first serve basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have Excel, CSV Files for inventory list?

We do not have Excel, CSV or any type of inventory list or file for us to send to you. Our inventory moves so fast by the time we make these files it will have already been sold out.

How Can I get your Daily Deals or inventory ?

The best way and fastest way to get our Deals is through Email, You can sign up to get our Daily Deals. CLICK HERE


Another way you can check out our website the listings gets updated every 1 hour. SHOP NOW

Can you ship directly to FBA or to my warehouse?

Yes. You may ship the order to any location you'd like. 

Do you ASIN sticker items?

We do not offer this service unless it stated in the Daily deal offers

Who arranges and pays for shipping

The buyer is responsible to pay for and arrange shipping.

Can I cancel an order or return items?

We do not allow any cancellations or returns. After an invoice has already been created. 

NOTE: There may be additional fees. Return shipping will be by the buyer.

What if I'm not an Amazon seller, can I still apply?

Absolutely! While most of the products offered are tailored for Amazon sellers, we know Amazon is not the only game in town. We have clients who sell on eBay, Jet, Posh, Mercari, Shopify and other marketplaces. We also have clients who sell in their brick and mortar shops and beauty salons.

 Are the products you sell authentic?

Yes, all products sold are 100% genuine and authentic, sourced from trustworthy vendors and distributors.

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely! We have clients all over the world. We do not cover or arrange shipment. The buyer most do that.

What items do you sell?

We sell wide range of products from Video games, Counsels, Consumer Electronics, General Merchandise and much More....

Do we do Dropshipping?

No, we do not do drop shipping.

 Do you provide invoices for purchases to get Un-gated for Amazon?

If you are Gated on an item we send out and like to purchase please let me know we might be able to help you get UN-GATED, We cannot guarantee you will get ungated, but we may be able to help you.